Adrian Stone faceAdrian Stone, aka Ad Van Tiggelen, is a Dutch fantasy author.

Adrian Stone had his debut in 2009 with the first novel of the Devil trilogy: Devil’s Prophet (Profeet van de Duivel). After that, Stone wrote the Rune duology, set in the same world. In April 2016, The Claw (De Klauw) appeared, the first part of his new Magycker series. At the moment, he is a board member of the Stichting ter bevordering van het Fantastische Genre (a foundation that wants to promote the Fantastical Genre) and jury member of the prestigious Paul Harland Awards.




Adrian Stone will be signing your books and other memorabilia at the booth of Brugse Boekhandel at FACTS. 

Brugse boekhandel




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He is the mind behind

  1. The Devil trilogy
    • Devil’s Prophet (Profeet van de Duivel)
    • Devil’s Son (Zoon van de Duivel)
    • Devil’s Soul (Ziel van de Duivel)
  2. The Rune duology
    • The Eighth Rune (De Achtste Rune)
    • The First God (De Eerste God)
  3. The Devil trilogy omnibus
  4. Rune omnibus
  5. Magycker series
  6. The Claw (De Klauw)

Present at FACTS: 2014 | 2016-2-october