(APRIL 2018) Catering at FACTS Spring 2018: a food experience!

Is your inner Pac-Man hungry? Then wakka-wakka to one of these catering stands and get your tasty Power Pellets!

We once again have a wide array of food and beverages to choose from. There’s something for everyone.



Japanese rice balls, filled with tuna, served in dry seaweed.

It’s basically the very essence of Nippon in an edible form. Take a bite and get hooked!

Brainfreeze Coffee & Comics

Some serve coffee, others serve black gold… And then there’s the one that serves black gold with the perfect hint of geekiness. Enter Brainfreeze.

Their themed coffee drinks are best served to those who can appreciate the fine art of the comic scene. So boost your FACTS visit with Brainfreeze brews!

Comic Sans

Superhero cocktails, need we say more?

Comic Sans is a geeky café in Ghent that specialises in geeky catering experiences. Witch brews, Harry Potter’s butterbeer, comic inspired cocktails,… These are no ordinary drinks!


Authentic Taiwanese bubble tea and more inspiring creations. Asian drinks for everyone!


  • Ninja Turtle’s Cowabungalow

Pizza, dude!

  • Mario & Luigi

Burgers, salads & fries. Also known as ‘Marie & Luigi’, but only when it’s not FACTS. Not the other way around, no.

  • Snorlax’ Feeding Frenzy

Burgers & Croques, for when ‘a wild Empty Stomach appears’.

  • New York’s Shoarma Joint

The one Iron Man wanted to try after saving New York from aliens.

  • Taco Belle

For a tale as old as thyme. Well, you can’t get thyme here, but Mexican food. We just wanted to make the pun. Sorry.

“Be our guest, but please digest!” Sincerely, Your stomachs

  • Pixel Snacks

Small snacks / Hot dogs / Pancakes & Waffles. Not affiliated with the Adam Sandler movie.

  • The Sweet Spot


  • Foodtruck Festival

A party outside the party. Also food.

  • Snack Attack

In and out. Come on. Twenty minute adventure.

  • Fast & Fresh

The name says it all!