Before we get started



House Rules for the Fan Village

1. No Sales Allowed

The Fan Village is meant for meeting with fellow fans of the same or other fandoms and to think back of awesome series or movie moments. In other words: the Fan Village is mainly there for entertainment, not for sales.

Purely commercial actions are only allowed in the Dealer Hall.

2. No professional third parties

We want to avoid that the Fan Village becomes an easy backdoor for companies that seek to avoid the normal routes.

If you have clear ties with a third party company, then be sure to mention that in your application, so that we can discuss it together. 

3. Crank up the entertainment factor

A booth at FACTS gives you the opportunity to meet with a lot of new fellow fans, so make sure that you leave an impression. Bringing cool and unique forms of entertainment to your booth means more happy fans, a lot more attention for your organisation and a better experience for our FACTS visitors. Everyone wins!

Will there be enough room for all fan clubs?

Sadly, no. Our side hall can only house so many. We might have to deny some fanclubs because of that. Although we will do our friggin’ best to squeeze as many booths in there, without compromising the needed walking space.

When we notice that there are too many fan clubs for one edition and we therefore have make a selection of all offers, then only the best offers will receive a place in the Fan Village. So make sure that your offer is the better and more original one!

Remember: we want to welcome ALL fans and fanclubs to our Village, but we also want the Fan Village to grow into a wonderful town that can rival with The Shire, Hogwarts and Cloud City in terms of ‘wow-factor’.

Sweet, I’m in! How do I apply?

Complete the application form below. 

Act as if you have to convince the FACTS fans themselves why they should visit your booth. What will the FACTS fans be able to see and do at your booth? What will your booth look like? The better the offer, the more room we will give you for your organisation.

By the way: the information you provide us will also be used for a beautiful page on the FACTS website. Which is another reason to make your offer as ‘sexy’ as possible. Pictures will be much appreciated as well!

If you have any questions, send us an e-mail: [email protected].

Fan Village Application SPRING 2019

  • Note: LOUNGES are not allowed anymore. They take up too much space that should be allocated to more interactive entertainment.
  • Slight change in table policy: we will now ask a small warranty fee for each table, which you will get back as soon as you bring back the tables. With this policy, we hope to improve the table organisation and distribution during FACTS.
  • IMPORTANT: The badges (wrist bands) can be renewed at the exhibitor desk. That means that we only need to know the amount of badges you need here. FOR EXAMPLE: 20 people will be helping at your booth on Saturday, but only 15 of them come both days. So with 5 replacements, that's 25 people in total for the whole weekend. But you only need to ask for 20 badges, have the 5 deliver their badges and exchange them for 5 new ones at the exhibitor desk.
  • You can however also decide to use the regular parking spaces of Flanders Expo, which are €5 per vehicle per day.
  • Drop files here or
  • Uncertainties? Let us know!
  • Is there something that's 'on hold' or not fully developed yet? Let us know! Suggestions are welcome too!