Red Rider Signing sessions, serigraphs and EXCLUSIVE LEGO at FACTS October 2017

Fans of De Rode Ridder and its re-imagined contemporary story Red Rider are in for a treat this edition! 

Besides the Red Rider signing sessions of Lectrr and Stedho, FACTS also gives you the chance to get 2 types of limited exclusives.

The first is a serigraph on high-end paper with an exclusive Stedho drawing. On that drawing, you can see the Red Rider and the villain Bahaal in a key moment in the story. We’ve put the picture at the bottom of this page. This one is limited to 100 copies, each signed by the author (Lectrr) and the artist (Stedho). Cost: €50.

Secondly, and this one’s REALLY exclusive, we’ve got our hands on a custom LEGO set with 4 figurines (Bahaal, Celeste, Merlin and Red Rider), still in their original casing, made for the launch of Red Rider. One figurine costs €14. But only the FACTS fans will get a full set for €40, instead of €50 in the ‘outside world’. There will be no additional batches of these. And there’s only 50 of them, so hurry if you want one!

Lectrr and Stedho will be available for their Red Rider launch in the Artist Alley, all day long.