ESports has developed tremendously in the last few years. You could even say it’s a breakthrough. Quite a few talented gamers earn their living by playing games professionally nowadays and easily fill halls and arenas with tens of thousands of spectators and millions of online viewers when they put up a show.

Belgium and The Netherlands have also leapt into the world of eSports, even though it’s with little baby steps so far. But together with the Ghentish eSports company Kayzr, FACTS will now boost the Belgian eSports scene by organising a huge eSports event in which the best Benelux players will duke it out for the top spots. Get ready for the hype, the cheers and the god-like plays and join us in this spectacle!

All activities below will be held on the eSports stage in the Gaming Hall.

The time schedule can be found at the bottom of this page.

Four teams of 5 will take each other on in the tactical shooter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Each team consists of the Benelux’ top players in this game. They have earned their spots in the six weeks prior to the FACTS event by dominating the Kayzr League, in which more than 100 teams participated.

Which team will get ‘one-Deagled’ and which team will get AWP-tacular killing sprees? Find out at FACTS!


  • Professional gaming chairs (worth € 1.800)
  • Golden ticket for a night in the brand new Arcade Hotel in Amsterdam

Semi-finals on Saturday

Finals on Sunday afternoon

Rocket League is a true, but relatively new hype in the gaming world. Easy to pick up thanks to its intuitive controls, hard to lay down due to its high fun factor.

In Rocket League, you play soccer with rocket fueled, hydraulic, tuned, pimped-out chromed-out cars! It gets truly wild when you whip out some acrobatic moves with your rocket boosters. One more game?

On the eSports stage, the best Rocket League teams of the Low Countries will take each other on. They are the Messi’s and Ronaldo’s of this new sport, the gladiators that survived the brutal preliminaries of the Kayzr League.


  • Professional gaming chairs (worth € 1.800)
  • Silver ticket for a night in the brand new Arcade Hotel in Amsterdam

Semi-finals on Saturday

Finals on Sunday

At FACTS, you will be able to witness the finals of the Official Belgian Splatoon 2 Championship! The best squid teams of Belgium take each other on and only one will be victorious. The winning team will be the official Belgian champion of Splatoon 2 and will defend the Belgian colours in the European finals in 2018! Lets paint the town together and cheer for the teams during these exciting battles!

Qualifying rounds: 11:00h at the Nintendo booth (214), Gaming Hall
Finals: 12:30h on the eSports stage


  • A place in the European finals of the Official Splatoon 2 Tournament in 2018!

Click here for more info about Nintendo’s activities and other tournaments!

League of Legends (LoL), one of the biggest eSports games of all time, will of course be a part of this spectacle. In this MOBA (multiplayer online battle area), teams of five take each other on with heroes that each have their specific skills and roles. Destroy the enemy nexus and win!

This game is hugely popular an grew into one of the biggest games in the professional gaming scene. To give you an example: the world championship of 2016, organised by Riot Games itself, had a prize pool of $5,070,000!

League of Legend veterans will play exhibition matches on Saturday and Sunday.

The definitive soccer simulator. FIFA 18 may be available since a few weeks, but we know that every digital soccer fan already has it installed on the medium of choice.

We will have an exhibition game between two Belgian top FIFA players: Bryan Moeyaert of Defusekids (a pro eSports-team) and Stefano Pinna, the winner of the RSC Anderlecht-eSports tournament. A true battle of the titans.

Last but not least: William Boeva, Flanders’ smallest stand-up comic and FACTS godfather, will be the host for these shows.