ball of yarn pin

Jeroen Funke

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Ball of Yarn pin

For me this piece of yarn is a symbol.
For everything that has to do with crafting, making stuff.
That’s why I love it so much!
I love ‘knutselen’ and ‘fröbelen and creating new stuff,
whether it’s 2D or 3D, with actual yarn, or with cardboard or paint
or pencils or with my embroidery machine, or with glue
or on the computer or screen printing or whatever it is.
It’s about enjoying myself while making something.
And that’s what this pin is all about!

enamel pin
1,8 x 3,7 cm (0.7 x 1.46 inch)
zinc alloy
with back mold stamp out
two baby blue rubber back stops

I think this type is actually called a skein of yarn.
But as I wasn’t familiar with this term, I’m just calling it a ball of yarn,
even though that’s not really correct. Sue me!

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