Laurent Libessart


Best known as the artist for Moréa, Alix Origines, Casque D'Agris and more! SATURDAY ONLY!


  • Moréa
  • Alix Origines
  • Casque D’Agris



While he studied visual advertising, Laurent Libessart was meant to draw comics and illustrations since childhood.

But more than just basically drawing, it’s telling stories that pleases him the most. In order to do that, he’ll bend his style in any form possible to feat a story at best. He went from hysterically archeologic historical comics to SF and fantastic futurist comics as with the Morea serie (from #6 taking over after Thierry Labrosse. Soleil Editions) or even humour and video game spin off.

But to avoid turning insane, drawing comics being very long and tiring, he often changes his mind and entertains his hands on different styles, illustrations, fan arts and portraits. Feel free to ask him any commission on any subject or style. And you’ll have the satisfaction to help him grow his toys collection and avoid him selling a kidney for that !

Do you want to meet Laurent Libessart? Then come and say hi on Saturday, April 6, in Flanders Expo Ghent for FACTS Sping 2019! He will be available on Saturday in the Artist Alley, for sketches, autographs and interesting talks!



Want to meet Laurent Libessart?


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