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Pendulac is a magical world where you can find treasure hunts and other types of mind games as well as you can find scented candles I create with or without games in it, tumbled stones in pirates chests, incense, viking and witchy necklaces or bracelets, cauldrons and mugs, fantastic and funny scented fondants…

My name is Alice, I’m French and Pendulac is my small company. It all started in 2022 where I launched a game called “LE GRIMOIRE DE LOTHAIRE”. It was a virtual game in which every player chased a demon that escaped from an old book around Halloween. The player who finally caught the demon won 1000€ but there were plenty of other smaller gifts given away during the entire game.

This year I’m very happy to be part of the FACTS event so my team and I will meet you ! We’d love to share a little magic with you.

Romain is a magician and his magic tricks may be helpful if you’re looking for a treasure…
Naïm is a pirate and he really knows how to open treasure chests !
Mélanie is a witch but she’s also a dragon in the heart ! She would love to give you clues !
And I’d be glad to show you every little things we have here in Pendulac. Beware ! You may find the perfect gift !

Come say hello 🙂

Try to solve the mystery !
Get the treasure !
Visit our shop !


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