eSports Arena

Esports is back at FACTS! Our loyal gaming partner Kayzr is back in town for yet another edition full of epic gaming moments and breath-taking plays. Experience the action and adrenaline with high quality gameplay!

sit down and play!

Take a breather in this area and challenge your friend for some laid-back couch gaming! Confirmed games (for now): Rocket League, Fortnite & League of Legends.

Fortnite Benelux Championship finals

Game Mania and Kayzr teamed up to organise this official Fortnite tournament. Witness the finals at FACTS! Watch this exhilarating battle royale madness in the flesh!

speedrunning at facts!

Watch how a speedrunner completes a game in an incredibly fast way. Learn all tips, tricks, glitches, exploits and more! Chosen games and exact content to be announced later on.

even more cool gaming moments on the way.

keep an eye on this page for more activities and details!