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“It has to be here. It HAS to be.” Faestvil the Sorceress was rummaging through the shelves and containers of her quarters, hidden away in the main crevice in the Origin Tree of the FACTS Forest. T.I.C.K.E.T. the infobot looked on with concern. He had never seen her this distraught before. 

“What are you looking for, Faestvil? Is it a hard drive? I keep needing those too. The other day, I…” Faestvil waved one of her hands with a mage-like twirl and rendered the bot muted. Chatty as he is, T.I.C.K.E.T. was completely unaware of his inability to speak and his mouth bulb just kept blinking. 

“Ah here it is, the prophecy scroll. Just as I thought. ‘After the Age of Darkness, in the Terran year 2023, humans will gain the ability to enter the FACTS Forest after sacrificing a tiny portion of their material wealth, in exchange for leaflets of power. These leaflets shall spawn two days before the last new moon of the last month…” Faestvil’s eyes widened in realisation. “THAT IS TODAY!”

Faestvil, the Guardian Sorceress of the FACTS Forest. This mysterious, magical presence is said to be slightly younger than the Origin Tree in the middle of the forest, so some claim she created the FACTS forest itself.

Faestvil evaporated into dark smoky clouds, swooped down from the Origin Tree’s mighty trunk, reappeared in the FACTS Glade and immediately started her incantations. Her trusty will-o’-wisps emerged from the foliage one by one, loyally swirling around her in a helix-shape.

"Orbs of light, take hasty flight,
for now the time has come,
to wash away the darkest days
and celebrate fun and fandom.

Seek out the souls that will uphold
their destiny with pride
and light their path until they reach
the place where fiction comes to life."

Her will-o’-wisps soared through the night sky with purpose and Faestvil grinned. Pleased with her work, she unmuted T.I.C.K.E.T. the infobot, who was still flashing non-stop.

T.I.C.K.E.T., the Trusty Information Companion, Keeping Earth Tidy. Always ready to guide humans and to keep things ‘eco-logical’. Since he was given a soul by Faestvil, he is constantly enthusiastic, and still learning to deal with it.

“… -re are they going Faestvil?”
– “To guide the humans who are destined to meet us in the FACTS Glade, on April 1st & 2nd. They will lead them all here. And I also have a task for you, skyfaller.”
– “Yes, sweet tin man. That is exactly it.”
“Oh boy! I’m way better off than my nephew. He was repurposed by an old scientist to pass butter. I will assume position in the summoning circle immediately! Yay, humans!”

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