Gaming Exhibitor Highlight: Slappy Inc.

Who is Slappy Inc.?

The Belgian and West-Flanders based gaming company Slappy Inc. is a young start-up of three talented developers. They specialise in delivering a range of interactive projects, such as VR, AR and web experiences.

One of their projects is called Slappy Board, a hilarious VR game in which you aim to stay calm in a work environment and where you can choose to quite literally slap the living bejesus out of your employees for various reasons. Or no reason at all. Good fun!

Their spectacle at FACTS

At FACTS, on November 6-7, the Slappy Inc.-crew presents their latest game Maze-‘Em, a turn-based multiplayer game with an ever-changing maze. Visit them at their booth in the FACTS Gaming Hall and discover a genuine Belgian game creation!

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