Geeky Face Masks & where to find them

If you’re looking for face masks with Harry Potter, Disney and superhero themes, then look no further. Olleke has a wide variety of custom face masks you can enjoy for a reasonable price and also offers DIY products to make your own. Take a look! 

Akiba Station has a few Japanese themed face masks for your everyday healthy needs in these COVID-19 times. So if you want to look ‘Kakkoii’ かっこいい in the few times you get to leave the house, get one of these!

Geeky face masks made by artist PoodleSoup.

The masks might be sold out soon, but they might be willing to make some custom ones for big fans!

Collar Me Up Scotty (artist Defné Brackman) usually only makes collars for cats & dogs, but in these times she partially shifted her attention to face masks with cool fandom straps. Check out the post she did on Facebook and get in touch for a custom mask!

If you really want people to respect the social distance measures for you, then it’s time to bring out the big guns.

With Avothea’s Plague Masks, people will think twice before coming near you. Plus, it’s super cool to wear what is essentially cosplay in public, right? ^^ 

On you can find tips & tricks on how to make your own masks and maybe even donate some to those who need it, such as healthcare workers. Download the pdf and get creative!

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