CHARITY EVENT: Donate ink cartridges for animal shelters! (APRIL)

Lightsaber Club Limburg will not only melt off people’s hands in spectacular lightsaber battles, but they will also melt your heart with a new charity event!

Bring your empty ink cartridges from printers and faxes and donate them at their booth in the Entry hall. These will be handed to ‘Dierenasiel Dierenvrienden’ in Sint-Truiden, to fund this fan club’s Kessel Run. No, not the infamous hyperspace route, but the part of the animal shelter for which they actively seek funds. They will be recycled by a professional company.

You can find this booth in the Star Wars Zone of the Entry Hall. It’s one of the first booths you see when you enter FACTS. You can’t miss it. Lets show how warm the FACTS fans can be!


PS: you can also donate bottle caps at the Ranger Nation booth!

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