Dark Dragon books brings 2 great artists to their booth!

Dark Dragon Books is once again bringing fine wares from multiple comic universes your way! So if you’re looking to add some beautiful comics to your collection, then don’t hesitate to check out this comic store!

Since last year, Dark Dragon Books is officially responsible for the Dutch translations of Marvel comics. They focus on more accessible Marvel stories that don’t require too much background knowledge of the Marvel universes, but their stock is quite big. In their portfolio, they have Wolverine: Old Man Logan, Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe, and much more. You can also find a huge amount of European comics and a whole bunch of Star Wars and other licensed eye candy in their shop. Be sure to check it out at FACTS!

dark dragon books brings 2 guest artists!


Laurent Sieurac

Artist best known for Arelate (Chronicles of Neiko), Erik The Red, Robin Hobb and The Order of the Dragon Knights. He will be available at the stand of Dark Dragon Books for autographs, sketches and interesting talks!
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Henri Reculé

Artist for Cassio, Empire USA,  IRS – All Watcher and Jack Wolfgang. Adept in graphic novel art, digital art and even paintings. Available at the booth of Dark Dragon Books  for autographs, sketches and interesting talks!
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Dark Dragon Books and their  can be found on stand 1068, close to the Cosplay Parades in the middle of Hall 1. 

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