How would you like to be a masterful DC/Aardman figurine creator? FACTS can make it happen!

FACTS, DC Comics and Aardman unite to bring you a wonderful DC meets Aardman workshop. In this event, you will get your hands dirty making a clay figurine under the professional eye of an official modelmaker from the Aardman Studios, the company that brought you Wallace & Gromit and Shaun the Sheep.

FACTS has received the official approval of DC Comics, so you’ll be making an authentic DC/Aardman clay figurine. After the session, you can take your workshop certificate AND take your very own creation home with you.

Superman, The Joker or Batman?

You have three choices, so take your pick. Each figurine has its own workshop with its own time slot. And each workshop has its own workshop ticket, which can be bought online and at FACTS.

However, if you buy your ticket online

  • you’ll pay €10 instead of €12
  • Plus, you secure your place in the workshop

Places are super limited, so they might be sold out soon!

To be clear: this is NOT an entry ticket for FACTS. You need a valid FACTS entry ticket AND one of these workshop tickets to be able to access the workshop.

DC meets Aardman Timetable (FACTS October 2017)