Contest Types

‘Regular’ FACTS Contest

Enter this fun and exciting FACTS contest and compete for cool prizes and eternal FACTS fame.

Thousands of people will be cheering for you as you display your best cosplay skills on our main stage.

Clara Cow’s Cosplay Cup

The real deal, people! This legendary contest is the big league of cosplay contests. This contest has a solo and a group category.

Attention: this contest is only held on Sunday, the 22nd of October.



  • The Cosplay Catwalk
  • The Regular Group and Solo Contest


  • The Cosplay Catwalk
  • Clara Cow’s Cosplay Cup (C4) Group & Solo


All rules and regulations can be found on the BeCosplay website, but we advise you to go over these documents.

Are you under 16?

Then don’t forget to complete this ‘Parental Consent’ form and bring it with you to FACTS!