William Boeva & Pieter De Poortere are bringing back Boerke and a butt-load of activities. Here’s a small recap of what they will do at their booth and throughout FACTS!

The booth of Boeva & Boerke can be found in the

Guest Hall

booth 424

The Boerke-Box Workshop

Upgrade a cardboard box to a cosplay mask with Boerke artist Pieter De Poortere and William Boeva!

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Boeva the host

William Boeva will be the host for multiple activities, most notably for the eSports stage. Come and check it out!

Live sessions of Pieter De Poortere

Boerke artist Pieter De Poortere will show you his art skills and you can watch him in action on a big screen. Magic at work, people!

WIN a WACOM device!

Contest: come to the Boeva & Boerke stand and you might just win a cool WACOM device! To be clear: WACOM makes excellent stuff if you’re looking to make digital art.