Become a FACTS Ambassador and earn amazing rewards!

Team up with friends and family to spread the word about Your Belgian Comic Con and sell tickets to earn amazing rewards for your efforts.

That’s right! The best FACTS ambassadors will get to choose all sorts of cool FACTS benefits and exclusive activities. Earn points by selling tickets and trade them in for prizes of your own choice, from free VIP tickets to – possibly – meet & greets!

1. Team up with friends and family!

2. Sell FACTS tickets to people you know!

3. Earn points for sales!

4. Exchange points for fabulous prizes!

Mario Group Picture: We Care Gaming

How do I earn awesome FACTS rewards?

Sign up

Become a FACTS Ambassador by registering on the Verve-platform. It’s totally free and it takes up only a few minutes.

Sell tickets

The FACTS tickets you sell will be tracked on the Verve platform. The more you sell, the better the reward!

Earn rewards through Verve!

By selling FACTS tickets, you will earn points, which can then be exchanged for cool rewards, such as free tickets and maybe even exclusive meet-&-greets with guest actors. Not just for you, but also for your friends!

The rules

The Ambassador Programme has been created for you to sell tickets to people you know.
It’s against the rules to sell tickets to people outside your social circles.

Breaking the rules will result in your account being suspended and loss of any rewards you’ve earned.
We really don’t want this to happen so please follow the rules at all times.



  • Don’t post or comment on any of the events official social media pages (i.e. the official Facebook fan page, event page or comment on posts on the official Instagram page) attempting to sell tickets.
  • Don’t publicly discuss selling tickets or the rewards you earn by tagging the events official pages (@ or #) or by posting in public places such as open Facebook Groups and Events, Craigslist, eBay, Radiate, Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree or anything similar.
  • Don’t create any accounts or pages that impersonate the event.


  • You can create your own private Facebook events/groups, start chat groups with your friends (such as WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger), send direct messages and use any other private channels to discuss and make sales.
  • You can post on your own social media channels that you’re an ambassador as long as you don’t tag (@ or #) the event when posting.
  • You can speak to your friends and family in person about buying tickets from you.