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% awesomeness


meters long


square meters




liters of air

The Beast is BACK!

FACTS brings back the largest and most bouncy ride you will ever experience!

After all, this is the biggest inflatable obstacle course in the world!

NEW: The Beast has Hydra powers

In April 2017, the FACTS warriors thought they had vanquished the Beast.

They cut off the head, showed it in triumph and went on their way, thinking they had won.

They were wrong: it has split itself in two.


Last edition, we noticed that a lot of you didn’t get the chance to tackle The Beast, because there already were too many warriors before you.

But now that this monster has been split in two parts, we’ll need twice as many people to go to battle.

Also: it’s free of charge!

Will you head our call, brave warrior?


The Beast is ready for you at

FACTS Spring Edition 2018

on 7-8 April

in Flanders Expo Ghent!

Head to the Activity Hall!


  1. Visit The Beast’s lair early to get a chance to challenge him immediately. If there are too many warriors before you, then you’ll get a ticket with a certain time slot. Come back and you’ll be able to start your attack immediately.
  2.  Yes, you can enter The Beast in cosplay. Who are we to choose your battle gear?
  3. For even more handy tips, check out our The Beast review of 2017.