Battle the world-wide Pandemic
in the Asmodee demonstrations

In the cooperative board game Pandemic, you and your companions play against the board. And that board is riddled with all sorts of deadly diseases looking to eliminate all human life on earth. It is up to you and your friends to stop them and protect humanity from extinction.

The clock keeps ticking and the viruses keep spreading. Everyone has his own special task and abilities and is working around the clock and around the world. Will you find all cures before the pandemic is complete?

Want to try this out yourself? You can! Asmodee and Het Spelhuis will be doing multiple demonstrations in the Exhibitor Hall of FACTS Spring 2018, on April 7-8, in Flanders Expo Ghent. The demonstrations will be held all weekend long.

Join a table and get playing!

Visit this board game walhalla!

You can find Asmodee & Spelhuis in the

Exhibitor Hall

Booth 5079

Be sure to pay them a visit!