What is it about?

The legendary artist and Image Comics co-founder Whilce Portacio will share his insights on the comic world with you at FACTS Spring Edition 2017.

The name of his panel is ‘Image, Wildstorm and Beyond’.

Image is of course Image Comics, known for Spawn, Savage Dragon, Witchblade, The Darkness, Invincible, The Walking Dead, Saga, Chew and more.

Wildstorm is another famous American comic book publisher, the magical place where WildC.A.T.S., Stormwatch and Portacio’s own creation WetWorks sees the first light of day. .

And Beyond? This amazing artist also worked for Marvel & DC Comics – among others -, so Whilce Portacio is bound to have a lot of behind-the-scenes info and great insights for you.

For more info on Whilce Portacio, click here.

When will the panel be held?

Sunday, the 2nd of April 2017

14.00h – 15.00h

In the FLEX Halls, beneath the Q&A room