What is it about?

Joe Jusko and Claudio Castellini are joining forces for an extremely interesting artist panel.

In the FACTS panel ‘Barbarian and Co(s)mic Influences’, Jusko and Castellini revisit previous work and reflect on how they are influenced by fantasy and sci-fi.

Joe Jusko is undoubtedly one of the best known fantasy, pin-up and comic artists in the world today and Claudio Castellini is an amazing artist who has worked for Marvel, Dark Horse, Wildstorm and more. Both have become most famous for their work on Barbarians and space epics. In other words, there is no doubt that they will have all sorts of interesting secrets and did-you-knows to share.

If you’re a comic book fan or you just wish to find out what makes an international artist tick, then you should visit this panel!



For more info on Joe Jusko, click here.

For more info on Claudio Castellini, click here.

When will the panel be held?

Saturday, the 1st of April 2017

14.00h – 15.00h

In the FLEX Halls, beneath the Q&A room