eSports Arena

eSports is back at FACTS! Our loyal gaming partner Kayzr is back in town for yet another, even more spectacular edition of the eSports Arena. You’ll get to enjoy tons of action and adrenaline over the weekend, with high quality gameplay during the Finals of the professional Kayzr eSports competition: the Kayzr League.

rocket league

We kickstart our weekend with acrobatic cars, intriguing ball physics and hopefully a lot of spectacular goals.
We go live at 10:30h with our first semifinal of Rocket League. The second semifinal will kick off at 13:00h in the afternoon.
The big winner? They’ll go home with no less than €2400 prize money!

Kayzr League Finals

On Saturday evening, at 17:30h, the Kayzr League really takes off! That is when you can cheer for the teams in the Finals of Rocket League and where the most amazing and epic plays will be shown on the big screens, professionally narrated by the Kayzr casters.

On Sunday, at 11:00h, the party continues in style with the Kayzr League Finals of League of Legends. Watch how this exhilarating game of minions, powers and heroes unfolds in the flashiest of ways!

Free Soul Calibur VI Tournament

You aren’t participating in the Kayzr League, but you do love to game?
You’d like to know what it feels like to be in a competitive eSports atmosphere?
Then our free gaming tournament might be the place for you!

Starting at 14.00h, our mini-tournament of Soul Calibur VI will be open for everyone to participate. The winner will be granted a nice prize. Come & stop by!

WHERE: Kayzr booth in the eSports Arena (Gaming Hall)
WHEN: Be early if you want to register, because places are limited!

Nintendo's Smash Ball Team Cup

The FACTS & Kayzr eSports Arena has something special for Nintendo fans, too!

In this European Smash Ball Team Cup 2019, the finalists of this Belgian Championship get to show off their smash skills and annihilate their opponents from the stage with well-timed spikes, parries and smash attacks.

The winner of this Belgian Championship will be decided at FACTS, at 14:30h!

time schedule


10:30h – 11:30h
Kayzr League Halve Finale 1: Rocket League

13h -14h
Kayzr League Halve Finale 2: Rocket League

14h -16:30h
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

17:30h -18:30h
Kayzr League Finale Rocket League


Fighting game

Kayzr League Final League of Legends

Nintendo’s Smash Ball Team Cup – Belgian Championship Halve Finale & Finale