Bandai-Gundam joins the FACTS Exhibitor Hall!

Gundam Model Kits / Gunpla!

Bandai celebrates the 40th anniversary of Gundam by promoting the Gunpla hobby in Belgium! They will provide you with the finest selection of Gundam Model Kits at FACTS. 

Free demos & initiations!

Bandai will also provide you with numerous activities at FACTS, such as a Mokei Senshi demonstration and initiation, in which you assemble a trial version of RX-78-2 Gundam for free!

Gunpla Partners

Bandai joins the FACTS party in partnership with Manga Brussels (Shop), Red Comet & Mokei Senshi.

Red Comet can also be found in the FACTS Fan Village, where they display a huge amount of professionally crafted Gundam kits, organise cool contests and so give them a visit too!

Come and enjoy a fantastic Gundam time at FACTS, on April 6-7 in Flanders Expo Ghent!

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