Want to skip almost every queue?

Want to have free drinks in
an exclusive VIP lounge?

Want to experience FACTS in the best way possible?

Crown VIP

FACTS VIPs are giving themselves an upgrade to FACTS royalty. On this page, we list all the benefits the FACTS kings and queens can expect.

The VIP tickets are limited in availability, so don’t miss your chance to get one!


Exclusive VIP Parking & VIP Entrance

The VIP experience already starts before you even enter. After you’ve left your car on the exclusive VIP parking, you will be cordially invited to the special VIP side entrance. No more waiting in line for you! The parking voucher will be sent to you beforehand.


Access the fabled VIP Lounge!

Next, the loyal FACTS servants will show you the way to the fabled VIP lounge, a calm, elevated place with the BEST view of the event, where you will be able to enjoy free finger food and drinks. With little umbrellas, probably. Open from 10 am until the end of the day (7pm on Saturday, 5pm on Sunday).


Unique FACTS VIP badge

You will receive a VIP badge with exclusive artwork drawn by our international guest artists Kara, as well as a FACTS lanyard.


Reserved front row seats at the Q&A’s!

Be seated on the front row at the Q&A panels and enjoy the best view!


Skip lines with the VIP Fast Pass!

As a FACTS king or queen, you will be able to skip the queues for the photoshoots and signing sessions, via a Fast Lane. Again: no more waiting for you! You will still need an extra ticket to get a photoshoot. Autographs still have to be bought at FACTS as well.


Get the FACTS goodie bag!

When you arrive, you will receive a goodie bag with numerous gadgets, merchandise items and souvenirs. Warning: only for VIP Weekend ticket holders!


Enter FACTS earlier!

Not only do you get all these wonderful extras, you will also be able to enjoy them for an hour longer than you normally could. VIP ticket holders can enter FACTS at 9am instead of 10am. Which means that all the treasuers of FACTS – from collectibles to activities – will be available to you before everyone else!