Message from the FACTS team

FACTS has always been a safe place. A place where you won’t be harassed for having different tastes. A place where you can safely be yourself. A place where you can walk around without a care. Our security team plays an important role in this carefree world. Their efforts throughout the years have made sure that the bad stuff gets locked outside and that the good and magical stuff gets in.

But as the world around us changes, we have to adapt. Take precautions. Be ever vigilant. Especially in the world of today. As a spider-ish man once said: with great power comes great responsibility. And we mean to take our responsibility in a serious way. Not only FACTS, but every big event in Belgium has taken its precautions, as you have seen in the festival season. We hope you understand our position.

But no worries: FACTS will still be the wonderful place you know, even with these extra security measures!



1. What is allowed?

The Belgian government advises against the admission of bags for security reasons at big events. But we know we can’t send you in without them. Therefore, FACTS will have the following rules for bags:

  • Backpacks, handbags, hip bags and such cannot be bigger than an A4 paper in size. That means 21 cm wide, 29 cm long, max. We cannot predetermine the maximum depth.
  • Baby bags (necessities for children) will be admitted
  • Photographer bags (for photography gear)

Keep in mind that the more bags security has to check, the longer the queues will be. If you don’t need a bag, then please don’t bring one! If you have a different type of bag and you want to know if it’s allowed, please send a mail to [email protected]



A great alternative for a closed backpack is a transparent (plastic) bag. That way, it’s easier for the security crew to check your belongings, which in turn means faster queues.

2. What if I need a bag for my medical equipment?

Bags with medical equipment are allowed. Try to bring the necessary documents with you, to ‘prove’ actually need one at FACTS. Don’t have the necessary documents? No worries, we won’t deny you access because of that. It only makes the checks easier. And faster! Just know that your bag will be searched, though. Discreetly, of course.

3. What if I need a big bag for my cosplay?

Sorry, we can’t make an exception for that. We have dressing room lockers and a cloakroom where you can change your clothes before you get into the queues.


4. Will there be lockers?

Yes, lockers will be available at the register. 24 cm wide, 33 cm high, 49 cm deep. We ask 10 euro per locker, of which you will be given 5 euros back when you collect your stuff. Don’t forget to empty your locker after FACTS, or we will have to bring everything to the police, who is in charge of the lost & found.


5. Will there be a cloakroom?

We will provide a cloakroom, a place to put your clothes and other items that do not fit in the lockers. We will be asking a fee of 5 euro per bag, though, so keep that in mind. Otherwise we’d be flooded with them!


6. Will I be able to put stuff in my car and then come back?

Yes, that’s an option too. Make sure you get a stamp of the crew at the register. You will be checked when you re-enter, of course, for security reasons.


1. What if I need a big bag for my cosplay?

Sorry, we can’t make any exceptions. We do have changing rooms, cloakrooms and lockers, though.

2. What about masks? Are they still allowed?

Yes, BUT. You cannot wear them on the streets (against the Belgian law) and you cannot wear them at the check-up at the register either. Once you’re inside, you can put on your mask.


1. Can I bring food or drinks with me to FACTS?

You can, but it’s best not to bring any. If you do, they need to be checked and it will only make the lines longer. But don’t worry, we have listened to your advice. The food experience is getting extra attention. We’re basically making our food go Super Saiyan in quality.

2. I have food allergies, can I bring my own food?

Yes, you can! Just make sure you clarify that at the register.


This will be the safest FACTS ever, but the soul of FACTS will be safeguarded. Once inside, you probably won’t even notice all our extra security measures. So don’t worry: this will be another magical edition!