Welcome to the FACTS Fan Village!

Be prepared to be engulfed by a dream world, as this wonderful place is the realm of the fan clubs. Enjoy an overwhelming mix of sci-fi, horror, anime, fantasy, boardgames, life-size movie props, … and many other interesting ingredients!

1. 59th Legion

Star Wars fan club with loads of coole Star Wars props and costumes!

2. BeCosplay

Meet the cosplay team behind the amazing cosplay contests on our Main Stage!

3. Belgian Browncoats

  • Life-size backdrop/background image of the inside of Serenity with some of the crew.
  • Information and memorabilia about Firefly and Serenity
  • Browncoat cosplay contest amongst our members each day. Firefly-cosplays only, obviously.

4. Belgian Costume Division (BCD)

The people behind the e-nor-mous props you see at FACTS!

5. Belgian DC Cosplayers

A great DC Comics experience!

  • Visit the Kids Corner
  • Throw batarangs at the villains and receive candy as a reward!
  • Visit the villain jail. Feel free to take a picture in front of the cell, but be warned: they may reach out to you!

6. Belgian Garrison

  • Info point for new potential members
  • Info point for charity goals
  • Photo opportunities with Star Wars backgrounds and their members in costume!
  • Shoot-a-Ewok: a NERF shooting range!
  • Demo corner: How to build your own Storm Trooper or other costume

7. Belgian Quidditch Federation

  • Score points in the Quidditch hoops!
  • Catch the Snitches racing around at FACTS!
  • Take a picture as a true Quidditch superstar!
  • Find out about the amazing sport Quidditch!

8. Belgian Voyage Club

brings an ode to Star Trek at FACTS. Take a picture at the Klingon bridge with the Captain’s Chair with fan club members in cosplay. Admire rare and genuine Star Trek props – like a 3D chess set – and learn all about the fascinating universe of Star Trek.

10. BeLUG

Be amazed by the amazing LEGO statues and sets of famous franchises, such as Pokémon, The Legend of Zelda, Star Wars, Disney and much more! The crew will be happy to give you some tips and tricks on how to get started on your own, too.

11. Benelux Base Rebel Legion

  • Witness the large group of Star Wars pilots in a parade!
  • Get pictures with cosplayers in with Star Wars characters and amazing props!
  • Demonstrations about making lightsabers and Star Wars costumes.
  • And much more!

13. CosplayCloud

1. Live photostream with FACTS cosplayers: have your cosplay photographed by the fine photographers of CosplayCloud and appear on the internet right away!

2. Cosplay Repair Corner: Free of charge, assists and supervision by experienced cosplayers, sewing machines, hotglue and more.

3. Geeky Karaoke

4. Charging Station for phones and other hardware.

5. Cosplay Bingo: Find five characters cosplayed on the Bingo sheet, take a picture, get a Bingo and walk away with a small prize.

14. Fanatic’s Division

The Fanatic’s Division is a Belgian association of fans of Fantastic and Horror Movies. They realize and exhibit many horror movies props (dolls 1/6 and life size icons).

15. Geek Station

This geeky fandom booth will have 3 sections:

  • The Gaming Section, with 3DS demopods from Nintendo, promotional game stands and lounge chairs.
  • The Raffle/Administration Section, with contests and all sorts of cool prizes!
  • The Photo Booth Section, with cool backgrounds and settings. Bring your camera!

16. Historical European Martial Arts

Introduction to historical European martial arts. Want to learn how to fight like a true knight? Enter the sword training grounds and get to it!

17. LudoSport

LudoSport is light saber combat, and it’s a real sport. It exists in 9 countries across the world, and there are national and international tournaments where athletes can meet and face each other in duels!

You can get your Jedi or Sith hands dirty in light saber combat lessons, where the trained Force specialists will teach you how to wield the coolest sword in movie history.

Keep an eye out for the Shadow Team, who will do lots of showcases on what you can achieve if you persevere!

18. Magical Triangle

Step into a magical world and turn to page 394, because these fans can tell you all about magical potions and other wizardry affairs. You can also take pictures as a magic potion student.

But you can also witness demonstrations about cartomancy (kaartlegging), calligraphy, magic tricks, story-telling and more!

19. R2 Builders

Click here for more info!

20. Red Comet

For all your GUNDAM needs!

21. Replica Prop Forum

Workshop for prop building projects and techniques, such as 3-D printing, painting, molding and casting.

WIN great and unique prizes!

22. Retrovolt

Twenty gaming setups with a lot of Japanese and retro games. Tons of fighting games, niche titles, Japanese and indie games.
Also: two videogame tournaments in which you can win fabulous prizes!

23. TeeKay-421

Meet professional fellow Star Wars fans and make your very own Chewbacca bookmark in the TK-workshop!

24. The Belgian Voyage Club

Take pictures with all kinds of Star Trek props and scenes!

25. Twin Suns Belgium

Go to a mandalorian military encampment, with display tables showcasing Star Wars weapons, armour and props. In the center of the booth will be a laser turret where you can take pictures of yourself with our costumed members. Fun!

Keep an eye out for their cool parades as well. You won’t want to miss that!

26. VirtuLAN


These guys know their LAN-parties … but they also know their VR! Come and taste virtual reality like never before.