She’s one of Canada’s leading actors, and a familiar face internationally through her roles in the TekWar franchise, the Academy Award-winning movie The English Patient and the miniseries Stephen King’s Storm of the Century. She’s most known as Elizabeth Weir in Stargate Atlantis and the Canadian hit series The City (for which she earned a Gemini Award for Best Actress).

Born in Burlington, Ontario, the enterprising Higginson created her own earliest screen role as the star and executive producer of the 23-minute short The Photographer’s Wife, made through a dutch company created to encourage young filmmakers. She broke into episodic TV with a 1992 episode of Forever Knight and went on to appear in the telefilms The Women of Windsor and Family Pictures before landing the role of beautiful scientist Beth Kittridge in William Shatner’s TekWar TV-movies. She reprised the role in the first several episodes of the subsequent series.

After co-starring in the futuristic action film Jungleground, she appeared in The English Patient as Mary, the nurse who, as Higginson puts it, “didn’t blow up.” Higginson went on to major roles in such action and SF movies as Memory Run a.k.a. Synapse, Airborne, Charles Bronson’s telefilm Family of Cops III and the miniseries Stephen King’s Storm of the Century. Then came her breakthrough as lawyer and Toronto socialite Katharine Strachan Berg in the gritty CTV telefilm and series The City (seen in the U.S. as Deep in the City).

She did guest appearances on series including Navy NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service, Eleventh Hour, Highlander: The Raven and The Outer Limits (the episode “Haven”).

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