Steve Niles was born June 21, 1965 in Jackson, New Jersey. He created 30 Days of Night with artist Ben Templesmith which got published by IDW Publishing in 2002. They also worked together on Criminal Macabre and Dark Days.

30 Days of Night has been developed into a major motion picture, with Sam Raimi as producer and starring Josh Harnett. It got released on oct 19th 2007 and had a worldwide gross of 75 million dollars. After optioning 30 Days of Night in Hollywood, Niles formed a joint venture production company, Creep International, with 90’s rocker and film director Rob Zombie.

He wrote the Batman miniseries Gotham County Line with art by Scott Hampton and a twelve part Batman series entitled Batman : Gotham after midnight with art by Kelley Jones.

In January 2009, his first solo screenplay will be adapted into a horror film named Heart.

Present at FACTS: 2008