Stéphane Roux is 36 years old and draws already 30 years. After a stay of 9 years on Tahiti he joins SIP (former Saban International) for the character design, creation of backgrounds, storyboards…of the company’s home made series.

After a short period at Disney’s for working on “Goofy Movie”, he co-produces several series, e.g. “La Grande Chasse de Nanook”, “Fantomette”.

He produces a part of the story board of “Arthur et les Minimoys”, a Luc Besson production, and then a double one shot of Top Cow’s “Witchblade”, with Jean-Marc Lofficier. He co-produces also the series “Foot 2 Rue” which can be seen on France 3…Meanwhile DC Comics proposes him to realise some covers and illustrations, of course an offer he can’t refuse. “Infinite Crisis Secret” and “Manhunter” are the last titles on which he worked.

Present at FACTS: 2006 | 2007