Pierre Alary studied animation at the École des Gobelins. He worked for ten years in the Disney animation studios in Montreuil, first as an assistant animator, later as an animator. He cooperated on films like ‘Tarzan’. He made his comics debut at Vents d’Ouest in 1993, contributing ‘L’Ami de la Poésie’ to the series ‘Récits Grain de Sable’. He cooperated with Didier Crisse on ‘Griffin Dark, l’Alliance’, using the pseudonym Stanley. From 2001, he creates the series ‘Les Échaudeurs des Ténèbres’ at Soleil Productions. At the same publisher, he began the series ‘Belladone’ with scripts by Ange in 2004 and later the trilogy Sindbad with Arleston.
Now, he is working on the Silas Corey series written by Fabien Nury.

Present at FACTS: 2013

Website: http://pierrealary.blogspot.com/