Philippe Briones was born in 1970 in Dijon and studied fine arts in Beaune from 1989. He began his career as an assistant animator of the television series ‘Baby Follies’. He joined the animation studios of Walt Disney Feature Animation, where he cooperated on the films ‘Dingo et Max’, ‘Hercules’, Tarzan’, and ‘Kuzco’. He also worked at the Merchandise department of Disneyland Paris.

Besides his work in animation, he did two episodes of the comics series ‘De Orde van de Drakenridders’ scripted by Ange, Kookaburra Universe scripted by Gaudin and ‘De Heren van Agartha’ with scripts by Isabelle Plongeon.
He worked at Marvel on the series Sub-Mariner and White Tiger. He teamed up with legendary writer Chris Claremont on the series The Wanderers and is currently working on the X-men-legacy series 216 219 225.

Present at FACTS: 2009