Born in Toulouse in 1945, my career took flight as I headed for Lyon as a fine arts student in 1960. The following year, I was taken on as a retoucher at French comic book publishers Editions LUG. During this Presse Pocket period, working behind the scenes in cartoon publishing, I honed my pen on the likes of Pim Pam Poum, Oum Le Dauphin, Popoff, Plume, Sammy Sam, Maximos, etc…and particularly Blek le Rok in Kiwi for which I drew 27 episodes. In 1972, I struck out as a freelance artist.
From 1968 onwards, a number of covers and a few episodes of The Silver Surfer, Spider Man and the Fantastic 4 took me into the world rarely frequented by French artists of “USA Comics” which was taking over the comic strip world. My own superheroes, Mikros, Cosmo, Epsilon and Kronos featured regularly in the pages of Mustang, Strange, Titans and Nova for fifteen years!
1975. Creation of the Leonardo da Vinci attraction for the Mirapolis Park, Blackstar for TF1, and the History of Armenia for Nor Seroun. A nod to my friend Tota for creating twelve episodes with him of his superb Photonik. Alongside these creations, during the 1980s I drew several dozen episodes of the famous Fantôme Du Bengale and Herman Storm for Semic International.
In 1987, I began my controlled descent towards the big weekly magazines thanks to Corteggiani. A whole new world of comics opened up to me with L’archer Blanc in Mickey and Noël & Marie in Pif. The next year, hot on the heels of Malès, I took on De Silence et de Sang at Glenat. Whilst taking this series through to Volume10, I also joined Editions Soleil through Rocca (Georges Ramaioli) with whom I worked on the lengthy saga of Vae Victis, inspired by Julius Caesar’s “Gallic Wars”, as seen through the eyes of pretty young heroine Ambre Boadicaê.
Now established in the world of comic albums, I was able to return to my first loves: text and drawing. With the republication of the SF Demain… Les Monstres album in 1991, I was given carte blanche by SOLEIL to create two complete stories: Les Survivants de l’Atlantique and Chroniques Barbares.
Having scripted the Saga of Gilgamesh for Zimmermann and a 9-volume follow-up to Les Survivants de l’Atlantique for Félix Molinari, I took on the 7 volume Quetzalcoatl series and Attila…Mon Amour with the artwork of Franck Bonnet. The Truculentes Aventures De Rabelais with the artwork of Rodrigue were then published by Hors Collection as well as Papoose by MPF, with artwork by Chantelouve, then the Colorado series published by Daric, taken on by Ramaïoli, and the Dernier Kamikaze series published by Glenat including artwork by my late friend Molinari. Also the release of a previously unpublished one-off by Mikros entitled “Kaos, Politiquement Incorrect” drawn by Reed Man at Organic Comix in the most flawless Marvel style. The adaptation of Ben Hur by Delcourt in 2006 put a (temporary?) end to my history-inspired series.
Retirement and a long illness (from which I’m now recovered) have not stopped me rereleasing my long series Mikros with Delcourt, along with a previously unpublished album at the same publishing house “Mikros et Photonik” and the science fiction album “Demain Mars” for Organic Comix, originally published by the Flemish publishing house Saga under the Dutch title “Ontmoeting” (Fertilisation). Swept along by this surge of enthusiasm, I created a highly (and I mean highly!) erotic 6-album series for the Ange publishing house called Messalina. I then met up with the young publishers Original Watts for whom I’m now working on some as yet unpublished Marvel-inspired work. They are now rereleasing my old superheroes Archer Blanc and Kronos through the album “Sup’heros… Mitton Raconte” originally published in Titans 25 years ago. We are working on a number of projects, including a follow-up to the same Kronos and the rerelease of my 27 episodes of Blek le Roc originally published over 35 years ago by LUG Editions. Return to the source!
Widely read throughout Europe and now entering into my seventies, my passion remains and if my health follows, can I just say, as in all good comics: To Be Continued…?

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