Lectrr001This extremely funny Belgian artist is an industrious drawing machine. When he’s not wiggling his pencil for his instantly recognisable cartoons for De Standaard and loads of other media, then he’s working on comics as a draftsman, an author or a ghost-writer. And on top of that, he’s also a stand-up comedian, a columnist and a radio man. We are really flattered that he once again wants to make room for FACTS in his busy schedule.

His bibliography consists of Lars (the ugly dog, in his words), NV with Talent in Vacature magazine and Campus Hilarius in Klasse. And of course, he is the artist behind the legendary Hara Kiwi cartoons, of which the bundle The Dork Side is a must have for Star Wars fans. Check it out!

Lectrr will be signing issues of Red Rider, the new, re-imagined version of the comic classic De Rode Ridder.

Want to meet this amazing artist? Then come to FACTS October 2017, on Saturday and Sunday, the 21st and 22nd of October. Lectrr will be available on both days. 

Lectrr will also be signing copies of his brand new Red Rider series, the new, re-imagined version of the comic classic De Rode Ridder. The Flemish artist Stedho, also a FACTS guest and the artist behind the Red Rider drawings, will also be signing Red Rider copies. Don’t miss this opportunity! 







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