Ian Churchill was born on April 22nd 1969 in the UK.

His first published comics work was a ‘Beast’ back-up story in an X-men annual.

He went on to do the second Deadpool mini-series for Marvel but came to greater attention when he was teamed with Jeph Loeb for a run on on the ‘Cable’ on-going series.

He published the adventures of his first original super-team : the Coven, through Awesome Entertainment and went on from there to pencil issues of Wolverine and a short stay on the Uncanny X-Men.

His DC work includes Superman, Superman/Batman and Titans but is best known for his run on the re-vamped Supergirl series – once again with writer Jeph Loeb.

A shoulder complaint took him away from comics for nearly two years, but he recently returned with a short stint on Elephantmen and a run on Marvel’s Hulk title most notably introducing the Red She-Hulk, again with Loeb, and utilising a less rendered drawing style!

His next work is a creator owned project soon to be published by Image comics called, Marineman.

Present at FACTS: 2010

Website: http://ianchurchillsmarineman.com