Born in Liverpool in 1954, Doug Bradley was educated at Quarry Bank High School and Liverpool University. It was at school that he first met and worked with Clive Barker. Doug received no formal acting training but after leaving the University he began working in fringe theater in Liverpool.
After moving to London in 1977, Doug co-founded The Dog Company and over the next five years worked as the company’s leading actor. The company mounted seven original productions, all but one being of new plays by Barker. The exception was “Dangerous World”, based on the writings of William Blake, which Doug co-devised. Among the characters he played for The Dog Company were The Devil in “The History of the Devil” and Dr. Frankenstein in “Frankenstein in Love”….and Bugs Bunny in “The Secret Life of Cartoons”. The company toured the UK, Holland and Belgium and made successful visits to the Edinburgh Festival in 1981 and 1982.
Following the break-up of The Dog Company in 1982, Doug continued to work on the stage in London and provincial repertory theatre, appearing in a wide variety of roles and productions.
In 1986, Barker invited Doug to play the chief of the mysterious Cenobites – now universally known as Pinhead – in the film “Hellraiser”. The film’s success led to the sequels “Hellbound”, “Hell on Earth”, and “Bloodline”. In 1988 he teamed up with Barker again, appearing as Lylesberg in “Nightbreed”. Other film credits include “Shepherd On the Rock”, “The Big Game” and two science fiction films, “Proteus” and “Killer Tongue”, the latter seeing him team up with fellow horror star Robert Englund.
Doug’s TV credits include “The Bill” and “Inspector Morse” – playing the bad guy on each occasion. On BBC Radio he has been heard as the leader of a religious cult in “Dangerous Influences” and as Barlow the vampire in Stephen King’s “Salem’s Lot”. In 1996 he appeared on the concert platform for the first time as the narrator in Roberto Gerhard’s “The Plague”.
Titan Books published Doug’s first book, “Sacred Monsters”, in 1996. It compares his own experiences as Pinhead with those of other actors in horror films from Lon Chaney Senior to the present and examines the cultural and dramatic history of the mask.
Inducted into Fangoria’s Hall of Fame in 1989, he is a regular guest at convention in the UK and the US. He served as a member of the international juries at the Oporto and Brussels Film Festivals and in 1996 he accepted the Best Actor award at the Fantafestival in Rome for his performance in “Hellraiser: Bloodline”.

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