Born in Zaragoza in November 1947.


Starts his career in comics after finishing the military service, working for very small spanish editorials.


Started working for England, doing love stories for Fleetway and later adventures for D.C. Thompson, I get married and go to live in England, staying there for the next 9 years.

 From 1974 to 1995

Worked solely with Fleetway, creating the visuals of :

For BATTLE Magazine:

MAJOR EAZY with Alan Hebden as writer
EL MESTIZO with Alan Hebden
THE FIENDS OF THE EASTERN FRONT, with Finlan-Day as scriptwriter

For Starlord and 2000ad Magazines:

JUDGE DREDD with John Wagner as scriptwriter
STRONTIUM DOG, with John Wagner and later with Alan Grant

DURHAM RED with Alan Grant, spin-off of Strontium Dog
THE STAINLESS STEEL RAT, books from Harris Harrison
AL’S BABY, with John Wagner
THE BADMAN, with Alan Grant

For Crisis:

THE THIRD WORLD WAR with Pat Mills as writer

For DC Comics:

BOB THE GALACTIC BUM, with John Wagner and Alan Grant
BLOODY MARY, with Garth Ennis

He also has drawn some episodes from the series PREACHER (The Saint of Killers, The Good Old Boys) and HITMAN with Garth Ennis, LOBO with Alan Grant, BATMAN and THE SPIRIT with John Wagner . And recently for Dark Horse BOBA FETT andthe six episode series of MARA JADE, By The Emperor’s Hand, with Stackpole and T. Zahn as writers.


Finished a new STRONTIUM DOG series for Fleetway with John Wagner and a miniseries, THE RIFLE BRIGADE, with Garth Ennis for VERTIGO, DC Comics.

Present at FACTS: 2000