10 tuyaux pour survivre votre visite à FACTS

Portez des chaussures comfortables, amennez d’argent comptant et beacoup d’autres bonne idées!


1. Wear comfortable shoes to FACTS

FACTS is BIG! We’re filling up almost all halls of Flanders Expo, with a total of 50.000 m². That’s about 7,5 soccer fields! Which means that you’ll be doing a lot of walking in just one day. 



2. Bring cash!

There will be lots of places at FACTS where you can’t pay with a credit card. It’s best to bring enough cash to start with. And if you run out of credits, you can always restock at our ATM’s and other financial services. No collector’s item will have to be left behind!



3. Prepare and plan ahead

We advise you to check out the menus of this website and to see what FACTS has to offer. Don’t forget to get a good view of the schedule and floor plan, too! That way, you won’t miss a thing.



4. Download the FACTS app

The FACTS app is like a little droid buddy showing you the way and reminding you when you need to be in which hall. Search ‘FACTS Spring Edition 2017’ in the Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS) and start wondering how you even managed to find the FACTS entrance without it.



5. Pick up your FACTS Galaxy Passport!

Our magazine has been revamped into your own personal FACTS Galaxy Passport! It will still act as a treasure map to all our activities, but you will also be able to personalise it. 



6. Bring a good camera!

You will have loads and loads of moments on which you’ll want to use a good camera. The huge props, TV and movie scenes. The touching tributes in the Fan Village! And all the lovely cosplayers! Better clear some room on your SD cards too. 



7. Travel lightly

It’s best to only bring the bare necessities. You’ll be walking a lot and a heavy backpack won’t be your best friend. Besides, you’ll need lots of for all the awesome stuff you can buy at FACTS! 

It’s best to go over the security measures for bag restrictions, too. 



8. Want a picture of a cool cosplayer? Ask nicely first!

Cosplayers generally don’t enjoy being photographed without their consent. Ask nicely first and they will be happy to oblige.



9. Be curious

Yes, the main hall is vast, but the side halls are wonderful too! Every nook and cranny is filled with wonderous things – such as The Beast, the world’s biggest inflatable obstacle course! – , so go ahead and explore!



10. Be yourself and have fun!

The most important thing of all. FACTS is the ideal place to completely let it all go and actively enjoy the things you love!



See you at FACTS, on April 1st and 2nd, in Flanders Expo, Ghent!