Belgium’s largest eSports platform Kayzr is once again holding the Kayzr League Finals on the FACTS eSport stage!

With a prize pool of €6.400 and eternal FACTS game fame on the line, you will surely witness some digital fireworks on the eSports stage in the FACTS Gaming Hall.

For a more specific view of the finalist teams of the Kayzr League, visit the Kayzr League website!

Rocket-powered, hydraulic, tuned battle cars playing an explosive variant of soccer in a cage, what’s not to like?

In every match of Rocket League, something epic happens every five seconds, especially when the best Belgian Rocket League teams will take each other on.

Come and witness the havoc!

One of the biggest eSports games of all time.

Watch how two teams of five try to destroy each other’s nexus with colourful heroes and their specific skills and roles.

This tug-of-war is filled to the brim with tactical plays and perfectly timed decisions.

Epic plays guaranteed!

More to be added soon!

Get ready for the hype!