Arcade Belgium will be present at FACTS for the third time in a row.

Come and have fun playing the classic arcade games in their original version for free and discover unknown gems from the land of the rising sun!

Here are the titles you can play at FACTS Spring this year:


Shoot’em up enthusiasts will enjoy the superb Ikaruga strategic shooting game and the enchanting but deadly insect world of Mushihime-sama Futari Ver 1.5.


As for fighting games, you will find the arcade editions of the well-known classics Super Street Fighter IV (Ver. 2012) and Soul Calibur III. But also the crazy Gouketsuji Ichizoku Matsuri Senzo Kuyou (Power Instinct Festival) and its denture-throwing grandmothers and other funny animations. As well as the horrific Vampire Savior 2 – The Lord of Vampire by Capcom that welcomes you into the world of vampires, succubus and other demons.


Gundam, a Japanese animation classic, is represented by the cool Mobile Suit Gundam EX Review fighting game released by Banpresto in 1994.


Nostalgic of street fights? Violent Storm is for you! Save your girlfriend from the grip of a punk gang in this post-apocalyptic beat’em all from Konami with a booming soundtrack. You can also play the samurai in different countries across the world (Japan, China, Italy, …) in Sengoku 3.


The puzzle genre is also well represented with the lovely Azumanga-Daioh Puzzle Bobble (Puzzle Bobble with characters from the Azumanga-Daioh anime) and the cute Tetris Plus 2 where explorers must be guided to the exit of the stage.


FACTS means superheroes, and they are not forgotten with Sega’s Spider-Man The Videogame where you can face many nemesis such as Venom, The Sandman and Dr. Doom.


Science fiction fans will be delighted to enter the dark universe of Heavy Metal magazine in Capcom’s Heavy Metal Geomatrix offering 4-player arena battles on songs from Megadeath, Halford, WASP, Corrosion of Conformity and Dust to Dust.


And finally, three players’ favourites will return: Virtua Tennis 3, Time Crisis II and OutRun2 SP – Special Tours.


In short, there will be something for everyone!